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A little hello, and what inspires me

Torii Kotondo  1900-1976 Morning Hair ( Asanegami )

Torii Kotondo 1900-1976
Morning Hair (Asanegami)

Bathroom Interior  1956  ( Image from pinterest)

Bathroom Interior 1956
(Image from pinterest)

It’s a new year and a new blog, l my very first blog. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, there will be some typos, there will be grammatical errors but hopefully this will be interesting for other creatives, illustrators of the future and curious followers. I asked over on Instagram what my first blog posts should appear and inspiration was top of the list. I’ll keep it snappy, promise. 

Inspiration : someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something. 

  • Japanese 18th and 19th Century woodblock paintings. I know its specific but these prints have inspired me for years, with muted colour, clean lines and complementary patterns I find them effortlessly elegant and emotive.

  • Vintage photography and film stills. This is quite a recent source of inspiration for me but they have influenced my more recent projects when it comes to colour and pattern. It might be some wallpaper in the back of an old photo from the 70’s or the elegance and poise of a circus performer of the 1920’s. I also find these photos help me find more interesting poses for the figures in my paintings. 

  • Other creators - past. The beautiful simplicity of Picasso’s line drawings and the context behind paper cutouts by Matisee. My work is often described as quiet and emotive and I think thats down the simplicity of my work. Learning that images don't have to fill the page, be intricately detailed and that sometimes two lines can convey more than two hundred was an invaluable lesson learnt from the greats.

  • Other creators - present. Ones who have similar themes to my own work, some completely different. Some that draw, some that paint, print, perform,write, sing and sketch. Following and getting lost the work of others is a huge inspiration for me. Whilst visiting galleries is amazing I love Instagram for following the day to day process of my favourite illustrators and artists. Some of my faves to follow include Robert Hunter, Kaye Blegvad, Polly Fern and Lorraine Sorlet.

  • Day to day life. Sure, life can be a bit boring, but it can also be a huge source of inspiration. It might be some unexpected colours paired by two strangers standing at a bus stop or an archway down a street I always walk down. Moving to Falmouth, to Bath then Bristol last year meant lots of new sights and places to explore.   

And there it is, what inspires me and my work. Hopefully this has been an interesting little read.


Interior design  1960’s   (Image from pinterest)

Interior design 1960’s
(Image from pinterest)

Eleanor Hardiman  2016   (A trip to Barcelona)

Eleanor Hardiman 2016
(A trip to Barcelona)